Hello y’all!

I am writing from the airport Winnipeg. I am on the road again–though it is not as fun as Willie Nelson describes–but that is probably because I have to attend stuffy meetings and events rather than making music with my friends…but I digress.

This is my first of three work trips this month. I am also heading to Edmonton in about 10 days and then Ottawa for a week (joint work and personal trip). I am looking forward to Edmonton and to Ottawa but this Calgary trip is the last thing I want to do. I really wanted to catch up on what I missed while on vacation but one day at the office isn’t enough. But…whatever…I guess it will all get done eventually. Another unexpected hesitation with this trip is related to my dad.

See on Sunday I had to take him to the emergency room. He was in immense pain-to the point where he was violently shaking. The er folks put him on a drip of morphine and a few other drugs, but they couldn’t diagnose him from the x-ray they did so they sent us home at 3am with a script for Tylenol 3. I was really angry about this but my dad insisted I not raise a ruckus. The next day we were back at the hospital for an ultra sound–which apparently showed nothing so they sent my dad home…again. He is still in a fair amount of pain but yesterday he said he was feeling pretty good. Overnight that has changed–and now I am leaving him alone as I am enroute to Calgary. Am horribly worried now as there is nobody around to care for my dad while I am gone.

Needless to say, between work, my dad and travel, I am feeling a bit stressed. Hopefully my dad will be true to his word and not be a tough guy and get in to see the doctor today like he promised me.

Anyway, I am being asked to board–talk to you soon!

Love Leesah