Hello All!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am desperately trying to catch up from about 2 weeks of blog neglect.

In an effort to keep this short & sweet and not ruin my proper recap of the last few weeks, here is my slightly shorter (only two items instead of three) Gratitude List for the last two weeks:

Sunday: 02/17/2013

1. Brunch with my newly announced preggers friend K.  What is especially awesome is that we always try to schedule brunch and it never works. So glad today’s worked.

2. Only slightly sore after a super awesome skate date with my friend C-Dart (who was in town from Toronto).  Even have some hilarious pics to boot!  Including this one:

Monday: 02/18/2013

1. Day off today–thank goodness.  I so needed this.

2. 10 mile run.  Boo yah.  Though this one was mentally and a bit physically exhausting.

Tuesday: 02/19/2013

1. My bed.  Felt horribly sick today and ended up sleeping away the evening after work.

2. The meeting room at work–I felt so crappy that I actually napped on the floor with my desk blanket in our meeting room.

Wednesday: 02/20/2013

1. Finally feel a bit better after staying home this morning from work.  Went to an event for the afternoon–so glad that I am feeling slightly better–especially since I leave for Florida tomorrow.

2. Running 4 miles.  It is totally painful if you are fighting off some sort of bug and have only eaten two cookies in the last 36 hours, but I got it done.

Thursday: 02/21/2013

1. Made it to Florida.

2. My luggage made it to Florida, too.

Friday: 02/22/2013

1. Hotel somewhat redeemed itself for the horrible check in situation.

2. Picked up my race kit for the Princess Half without drama…though the race expo was a completely different, gong-showy story.

Saturday: 02/23/2013

1. Checked out the local outlet malls–died just a little when I walked into the Kate Spade Outlet…and so did my bank account. 🙂  But I did get myself the bestest bag EVER.



2. I am really enjoying the lead up to running a race without pressure.  Usually I have time goals and certain things I must accomplish…but not for this one…so I’m sorta enjoying the no pressure thing especially since my body has decided to hate and attack me this week.

Week 9

Sunday: 02/24/2013

1. Finished the race with a smile and my tiara all intact.  🙂

2. Gospel Brunch with my dad at the House of Blues.  It was my Christmas gift to him and I’m so happy that he loved the whole shebang.

Monday: 02/25/2013

1. Sunscreen.  I am very grateful for sunscreen right now…I just wish I hadn’t missed a few key spots–OUCH!

2. Garmin GPS device for our rental car–it got us to Dunedin, FL (about 65 miles away from Orlando) to check out the Toronto Blue Jays play the Boston Red Sox in spring training–and we didn’t get lost. 🙂

Tuesday: 02/26/2013

1. Morning at Magic Kingdom.  Made it on all the key rides before 10am. 🙂 Squee!

2. Spent the evening at Hollywood Studios and watched the Fantasmic Show.  Very, very fun. 🙂

Wednesday: 02/27/2013

1. Managed to hit all four parks in one day: Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and finished it all with epic fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  JOY!

2. The Toy Story themed “midway” ride at Hollywood studios.  It’s an interactive shooting game and it is tremendous.  My dad won one round and I won the second round.  One of the best new rides at the parks.

Thursday: 02/28/2013

1. Moved hotels to the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal Studios–so happy to have a comfy bed and clean room.

2. The parks were dead so I essentially had wait times of 10 minutes or less on all attractions, including Harry Potter.

Friday: 03/01/2013

1. Butterbeer.  So delicious.  It’s buttery, fizzy, caramelly and creamy.  It is a good thing I don’t have a recipe for this.

Fuzzy haired and drinking butterbeer!

Fuzzy haired and drinking butterbeer!

2. Another day of epic riding on the Universal property–no lines equals happy me.

Saturday: 03/02/2013

1. Made it home in one piece, luggage and all.

2. Got bumped from our flight, making both my dad and I $400 richer in Delta credits to use on a future flight. Hello Disneyland for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge!?!?!? 🙂

So that is my somewhat brief gratitude list for the last two weeks!  🙂  What are you feeling gratitude for?

Love Leesah