I must say one thing about this gratitude challenge–it really emphasizes how quickly a year goes by–I mean…we are 11 weeks in already. I remember starting up the gratitude challenge on NYE, eating pizza and trying to watch the movie Looper (so didn’t get it or enjoy it).

Looking back on then and now, I don’t know if there is an exact “change” in my levels of happiness, but I do know that I haven’t felt particularly down…whereas I have had moments in the past where I would have a few days or sometimes even a week where I just felt down. One would argue this has to be a good sign. To read a smidge more on the benefits of a gratitude practice–check out a great blog called A Cup of Jo.

And without further ado–here is this week’s list:

Sunday: 03/10/2013

1. My cupcakes were a huge success at my friend’s wedding shower.

2. I finally had a few hours to myself that weren’t spent frantically running around, accomplishing things on an over filled task list.

3. My friend T has arranged a spa day for us when I head down to Ottawa next Friday. So excited to check out this amazing spa just over the Ontario/Quebec border called Le Nordik.

Monday: 03/11/2013

1. I’m grateful that the Leonard Cohen show was postponed until late April. Apparently his band has come down with a bad case of the flu. Though I was excited to see him, this postponement was perfectly time as I am so exhausted that I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the show.

2. I went to the gym. ‘Nuff said.

3. My bed–even though I had a super horrible sleep.

Tuesday: 03/12/2013

1. Met up with my friend C for coffee at Parlour. Can’t believe I have known this girl for nearly 21 years.

2. I went to the gym. Much like yesterday, this was an massive internal war in my head. I’m glad the good guys one…even if my head wasn’t in it.

3. The extra hour of daylight. Despite the fact that my sleep is all whacked from the time change, I am super grateful for the extra sunlight. It’s awesome to go for my nightly workout and see the sun.

Wednesday: 03/13/2013

1. Today is my “Thursday” as I have Friday booked off on holiday. Squee!

2. Bob Seger did an unexpected and amazing cover of Wilco’s California Stars. Woot!

3. I treated myself to Trader Joe’s Wisconsin White Cheddar Organic Mac and Cheese. YUM!

Thursday: 03/14/2013

1. Banana Pancakes for brekkie and then hearing the song, Banana Pancakes, on the radio en route to work.

2. Had a small health procedure go super well (don’t worry–I am completely fine, lol).

3. Had a calm but productive day at work.

Friday: 03/15/2013

1. Day off!

2. Baked boozey cupcakes for my Pint for a Pint Challenge!

3. Was reminded of the joy that birthdays are when you are a kid.

Saturday: 03/16/2013

1. Pint for a Pint Challenge was a huge success–2 first time donors, lots of cheerleaders and promises to appear for our second event–which is already in the planning stages for July!

2. Had a nice dinner out with some lovely friends.

3. Got home early. Best. Saturday. Night. Ever.

Much love,