So…I just found this on Pinterest and I just had to do it–especially since it’s April 1, April is a 30 day month and my brain is fries and I need some blogging inspiration!

Today’s post is about your current relationship…and if you are single, discuss how single life is.

So yeah…as you know I am single. How is it? Well…it has great moments…and it has moments where it isn’t so great.

The great things…my time, money and general life is my own. I workout, bake at 2 am, buy expensive shoes and spend my time with whomever I choose.

The bad things…going to weddings alone…heck, any sort of coupley-thing alone blows. Those comments from friends and family and even randoms. Sometimes they are well meaning…but even still the comments suck. It is also hard to watch all of your friends move into new parts of their lives….houses, husbands, kids….you can’t help but feel a bit lonely and left behind.

Oh and then there is the “fun” of dating–or that’s what my attached friends call it. I don’t call it fun. It is way to stressful to be fun. Figuring out if you like him…does he like you? Will he call? Do I text? Is there a second date? Do I kiss him? And that is just the beginning–nevermind bringing seksi times into it!

This all being said, I know it would be worth all of the aforementioned stress, frustration and disappointment if I knew I would find the right guy–and hopefully sooner than later.

As a result, I am going to take a step in a different direction when it comes to dating–I am going to hire a proper matchmaker. They do criminal record checks and don’t take you on as a client unless they can match you. It has had a number of newspaper articles written about their successful matches and I figure dealing with a real person has to be better than online dating where it is random or determined by a logarithm.

Wish me luck and will totally keep you posted!

Much luv,