Allo All!

To make things a bit lighter after my 30 day blogging challenge post from earlier this morning, I am popping out a quick Friday Fab Five list.

Today’s Fab Five List is all about cookies!

My brother from a different mother. :)

My brother from a different mother. 🙂

This is my list of my top five favourite cookies to bake.

1. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mars Bars Slices.  I don’t know of any online links for this recipe…especially since it was sort of invented in a Wal-Mart in Winnipeg.  I have made my classic chocolate chocolate chip cookies with no Mars bars for the better part of the decade–I was widely known for them.  My lovely friend R and D from Australia came to Canada for Christmas and we were in a Wal-Mart, grabbing festive m&ms to use instead of chocolate chips in the cookies and my friend D decided that we should mix in some Mars bars.  Best decision EVER!  It adds a certain gooeyness and savoury flavour and it’s makes an already delicious cookie even better.  The only thing that has evolved from this is that I’ve turned it into a slice on top of a cookie instead of a mix-in because the caramel in the Mars bars makes the cookies impossible to take off of the cookie sheet.

2. S’mores cookies.  I found them on this website–and the recipe is delicious.  Def. go with the Hershey’s chocolate too–so YUMMY….and so is the dough. 😉  I have a tough time controlling myself around these tasty morsels.

3. Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Corn Flake Crunch Cookies.  Heaven.  I’m so thankful for Christina Tosi from Momofuku’s Milk Bar for creating these gems.  Super delish.  My only issue is the fact that these cookies spread like a mofo because of all the butter–even if I put them in the fridge for several days before cooking.  I’m making them tonight for a low-key girls night tomorrow where I plan on experimenting with the amount of butter (decreasing it) to see if it improves the spread factor.

4.  Chocolate Brownie cookies with roasted macadamia nuts.  This cookie is to die for.  I don’t normally like nuts in my cookies, but these cookies benefit greatly from the slightly salty mac nuts.  It’s from a wonderful food blogger, Joy the Baker‘s cookbook.  Def. try making these if you need a treat.

5. Chocolate Sugar Cookies.  I’m a recent convert to this type of cookie and I have no idea what website I got my current recipe from.  It’s tastier (in my opinion) than basic sugar cookies and gives you a gingerbread looking cookie that isn’t gingerbread.  Plus you can decorate them and use them to make “gingerbread houses” from scratch if you feel like doing a death march style project!!!!

My interpretation of that card on a cookie.


Happy Friday all!  Hope you are able to get your hands on some delicious sweet treats of your own!