Allo allo!

14 weeks into this whole crazy challenge.  In fact, I think this might be the only thing I have ever blogged about consistently when it came to challenges…all my attempts at fitness or photos always ended up unfinished….though there are still several weeks until I am done…so we shall see.

Sunday: 03/31/2013

1. Slept in….again….so loving having the opportunity to have several quality nights of sleep in a row.

2. I made it to the gym again–second day in a row.  Hollah!

3.  Found my favourite Easter special from when I was a kid, called Easter Fever on YouTube.  Wanna check it out–the links are below:

Monday: 04/01/2013

1. I had the day off work–yay for STAT holidays for government workers like Easter Monday.

2. Attempted to be productive today by attempting to edit photos from my friend Tara’s bachelorette parties.

3.  Day 3 in a row at the gym.  Woo-ha!

Tuesday: 04/02/2013

1. Made it to the gym and ran a surprisingly difficult 4 miles.

2. Put together a pretty fantastic scrapbook that recounts my friend T’s Winnipeg and Ottawa bachelorette parties.

3. Made it through the day at work after not being there for the better part of two weeks.

Wednesday: 04/03/2013

1. My self given manicure from Sunday lasted til this evening before finally chipping.  I am totally impressed with my mad skills.

2. I said no to a friend who was asking for something that would stress me out big time (whoa…I said no–yay!)

3. I made delicious banana bread scones with brown butter glaze after the gym…surprisingly heavenly.

Thursday: 04/04/2013

1. It’s almost the weekend.

2. I took the plunge and have officially hired a matchmaker and survived the  interview process.  The search starts now–watch out boys. 😉

3.   I’m feeling a whole lot of gratitude to music today.  It was noisy in my office and my wonderful batch of 1000’s of songs kept me going productive at work.

Friday: 04/05/2013

1. Day old banana bread scone for breakfast. YUM!

2. No headache today (had one last night).

3. Got in a slow but steady 5 mile run.  Yay!

Saturday: 04/06/2013

1.  Survived my first cross fit class after my medically recommended hiatus.

2. My first cross fit class had a wod with 60 burpees–and I managed to do them nearly unbroken–only one 10 second break because I was dizzy and felt like I was going to fall over.

3. Lovely girls night with cheesey gnocchi, Granville Island Maple Cream Ale and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.  YUM.