Hello All!

I’m taking a bit of time away from my 30 day blogging challenge to write-up a Friday Fab Five List.  Well…that and my 30 day-er requires me to bullet out my day and the day has only begun.  This one is themed on weddings since I am spending a good part of my weekend attending events and helping out with one for a very good friend of mine.

Now, generally, I’m not very pro weddings–and not only because I hate going to them alone, but I find that speeches are long and not done well and people attempt humour or tell raunchy stories and end of falling flat.  I don’t like the single women catch the bouquet thing.  That is the only times in my life where I say I’m going out for a smoke even though I don’t smoke…I just use it as a reason to get out of dodge.  The small tack with people at your table is usually difficult to keep up and the food usually leaves you wanting a post wedding McDonald’s stop.

There are some great things about weddings though–and here are my favourite things:

1. Getting dressed up and seeing lots of other people dressed up.  Sadly, there aren’t many occasions to get dressed up for in Winnipeg–and if you dress up in a venue or time that most others aren’t–you get looked at really funny (I know this because I am that person a lot because I like dressing up).

2.  The wedding cake–as a semi serious at home baker, I love checking out what the bride and groom have chosen for their wedding cake, and well, truthfully, their dessert options as well.  Though, unfortunately, my friend decided to pass on having a cake.

3. Free wine (well most of the time). 🙂  Sometimes you do get the occasional cash bar or dry wedding, but generally, there is free wine.

4. The PowerPoint of old photos.  I’m a bit of a picture and nostalgia geek.  I love looking at old photos and seeing bits of people’s pasts and where they came from.  Thus, I love when people prepare the PowerPoints of their lives pre-wedding.  So fun.

5. The last few dances when everyone is sauced.  Seriously, these are hilarious.  Everyone is sweaty and giggly and a bit worse for wear.  The girls are barefoot and the guys are sans jacket and ties…and at one wedding sans shirt.  Everyone is singing along with abandon.  LOVE it. 🙂

What are your favourite things about weddings?

Much luv,