Holy Crap.  This is going to be a long one.

I have to bullet my whole day.  I feel as though anyone who reads this will want to shoot me by the end of it because it’s going to seem long and tedious–but…here it goes.

  • wake up at 6am thanks to my sleep cycle app
  • quick bathroom visit
  • pull out aluminum foil, place leftover bacon on foil covered cookie sheet, pop into an oven at 375
  • start-up the coffee maker
  • pour my coffee
  • make scrambled eggs
  • eat and drink my breakfast
  • exfoliate my face
  • apply Vitamin C serum, moisturizer and sunscreen
  • pop in contacts
  • apply make up
  • get dressed
  • drive to work
  • fill up water bottle
  • answer important emails from overnight
  • blog
  • get back to work
  • walk to Starbucks to meet a friend and chat about her honeymoon in Colombia over lattes
  • walk back to work
  • impromptu repetitive meeting
  • snag a piece of leftover office pizza as I forgot my lunch
  • lightly hit my head on my desk in frustration
  • check out my blog, reply to some comments and update this post
  • email a few friends because everything work related that I look at makes me cross-eyed
  • get pretty so that I can attend a rehearsal dinner at 6
  • steam the wrinkles out of my shirt
  • spot clean my jeans so that I can wear them tonight
  • redo my eye make up because I got something in my eye and now I resemble the Crow
  • drive with good tunes to the Forks
  • eat, drink, be merry with my friends family, friends and future in-laws
  • enjoy an extra glass of wine with the best man’s wife at a local restaurant, and show her around the Exchange District of Winnipeg
  • Drive the best man’s wife back to her hotel room
  • Drive home
  • Get un-prettied
  • Pack up my cross fit stuff
  • Write out wedding card and cheque for presentation
  • Set up my sleep cycle app to get me up with enough time to hit cross fit on Saturday morning
  • Go to bed