Allo All!

Better late than never on the blogging front.  Alas a weekend of wedding related events and a mild hangover won’t keep me away for long.

Days 13 and 14 of the daily blogging challenge are pretty simple so I am combining them into one post.  Day 13 is about somewhere you’d like to move or visit and day 14 is about your earliest memory.

So without further ado, here are my posts….

Day 13: I’m sticking with a place where I’d like to both move and visit…though, truthfully, it’s a city that I would like to move to if I was somewhat wealthy–and that city is New York.  I have only seen the city for about 16 waking hours.  I ate some delicious pizza and drank an iced coffee from Dean and Deluca.  I walked into Tiffany’s and bought myself a necklace.  I saw Miss Liberty from afar, paid respects at Ground Zero and visited wall street.  I even had a moment at the John Lennon memorial spot in Central Park, which brought out a ton of unexpected emotion.  I want to go back and visit properly, but I keep waiting because I want to do it right, with the right travel companion who is willing to spend a bit of money and have a bit of fun in this amazing city…in fact, the only real reason I couldn’t fathom living there is the high cost of living.  It’s so expensive compared to Winnipeg and I don’t know how much I would enjoy it if I couldn’t afford to do all the wonderful things that there are in NYC.

Day 14: My earliest memory….hmmm…this is a tough one.  Mostly because I do have a lot of memories as a kid, but which one is my first…I have no idea.  One in particular that I remember and cherish is baking with my grandma.  She has this massive container of flour….and she would let me play in it–like, stick in my arms up to my shoulders play in it….and yes, she washed my arms before letting me dive in…but it was a blast.  I would play for a bit and then, eventually, we’d get down to business and make chocolate chip cookies or Smartie cookies (Smarties are like M&M’s in Canada…).  Such a wonderful memory and one I will always treasure.

Much luv,