Allo All,

Yes, I am still a day late with the challenge–though I am hope I will be up-to-date by the end of the day.

Day 16’s topic is my thoughts around today’s music industry. *sigh*  It feels like it is on its death rattle.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of a lot of the trends in music–the Beibers who were “discovered” and create manufactured messes of songs…the trashy pop stars, the karaoke on TV “talents” that become famous.  *gag*

I miss people who actually had to work and hone their craft to become famous.  I miss people who could just sing without doing that weird Mariah Carey “I can sing 40 octaves and you can’t” diva warble (I long for those early 90’s days when she just sang  remember those days?  She actually wore clothes back then too).  I miss clever lyrics, melodies, good beats and music that is not autotuned or digitally created.

It also bugs me that we have gone from albums of amazing music to singles again.  I miss getting an album that you could just put on and let it run.  iPods and the priority on disposable, crappy musical “talent” has caused this to happen, I am sure.

The only benefit, I would argue, of today’s music industry is the accessibility.  The internet has opened up the playing field for folks to get access to artists they never would’ve heard of or seen before–and I think that is great.  It also means that artists’ music is being stolen (not great, obviously) but it also means that they tour more (woo!).

Oh and one more thing–does it bother anyone else that music videos cease to exist anywhere except on YouTube?  Oh how I miss the days of MuchMusic (Canada’s equivalent to MTV)….

So that is my very abbreviated rant.  I’ll stop now before crazy Beiber fans hunt me down and lynch me in a public square.

Lotsa luv,