Knew I forgot to do SOMETHING! Better late then never, though–am I right?

Sunday: 04/07/2013

1. Mad Men is BACK!  Though I found the episode  a smidge underwhelming.

2. Only feel half dead after my first class back to cross fit yesterday.

3.  Got a really nice email from my friend in Australia saying she missed me.

Monday: 04/08/2013

1. Made it through an annoying day at work.

2. Made it through a few miles running–despite cross fit related DOMS still in the picture.

3. Made it through the day without throwing a tantrum in front of the people who were annoying me throughout the day.

Tuesday: 04/09/2013

1.  DOMS free–finally! 😉

2. Pleasant non-run workout at the gym–nice for a change.

3. Got in a good nap after work–after not sleeping well last night.

Wednesday: 04/10/2013

1. Survived a six-hour of staff meeting at work.

2. Enjoyed a pity party for one tonight and feel a TON better.

3. Sang along to the Les Miserables movie–specifically muting the Russell Crow parts.  Still can’t believe how horrible he was in this role.

Thursday: 04/11/2013

1. Had a quick and painless follow-up with my doctor and I’m a-okay.

2. Had a rockstar double workout including a fun (yes, I really said fun) 6.25 mile run and then swimming (500M) and water running afterwards.

3. My brilliant friend J who helped me concoct the most amazing backless, sorta strapless bra EVER!  Seriously, I feel like we should start a business! 🙂

Friday: 04/12/2013

1. Survived my friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

2. Actually had fun at my friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

3. Got to bed at a decent time.

Saturday: 04/13/2013

1. Got in a pre-wedding cross fit class.

2. My hair dresser managed to sneak me in for a quick up do for the wedding

3. I looked and felt pretty amazing in my dress/outfit/hair/makeup. …oh and seeing my friend get married–that was pretty great too. 😉

Much Luv,