Now that I finished my bummer of a Friday post for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and the rest of the awful events that have and are currently going on in my neighbour country to the south, I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

Since spring is still rather elusive in the good ol’ Peg City, I thought it would be fun to chat about the things I am looking forward to once spring officially hits the city (which might be the beginning of next week–though in the meantime we are getting some snow again–*SIGH*).

1. Iced Coffee Drinks.  I love iced coffees and lattes and whatever other cold, caffeinated beverages made by local or multi-national coffee shops.  I also look forward to getting my 1 or 2 frappe style drinks with a dollop of whipped cream–usually my first and last of the season.

2. Skirts, dresses and high heels, OH MY!  I’m sick to death of jeans, thick scarves, wool pants and heavy coats.  I bare legs and to wear cute sandals or pumps paired with one of my many dresses or skirts and pretty blouses, with summer weight cardis or blazers for slightly windy moments or professional situations. 😉

3. Clean cars.  I’ll admit, I am not the best at keeping my car properly washed, but in truth, keeping a clean car in the Winter in Winnipeg is hard because if it’s really cold and you wash your car and don’t have a warm place to leave it, your locks freeze.  If you was your car when it is nice out, well, your car will not be clean much longer than a few minutes as the sandy, salty road goo gets splashed up mere moments after leaving the car wash.

4. Fresh air.  When spring hits and it’s warm enough to shut off the heat, but cool enough to not turn on the AC, I keep my windows wide open.  The fresh scent of outside is always amazing and puts me in a good mood…and a mood to clean, which I could definitely use right now and my surroundings are a far cry from tidy.

5. Patio season.  I cannot wait for that first really warm day of Spring so that I can grab some friends and have a beer on one of the many Winnipeg patios and enjoy some sun and a smidgen of Vitamin D in my body.

So on that note, be safe everyone, have a happy Friday and enjoy your weekend, whether it be springy where you are or the 8th layer of wintry Hell. 😉