Oh boy.  This gratitude challenge is an interesting one…not only because I started writing it while incredibly hungover, but because of the events that were to take place during the rest of this crazy week–bombings, babies and a new appreciation for Brussels sprouts.

Sunday: 04/14/2013

1. I’m grateful that my hangover is rather mild–given how sick I was last night, I thought I would be in rougher shape.

2. I made it through my friend’s post wedding open house–and even received a standing ovation upon entry to the party.

3.  After careful inspection, I managed to not spill or ruin my fancy shoes/dress at the wedding.

Monday: 04/15/2013

1. I am glad to hear that friends of friends who were running in Boston were ok….much sympathy to those impacted by this horrible event.

2. I am grateful to see that people were so selfless and helping those in need of care, immediately after the bombs went off.

3. I am glad that I have stashed overtime so I could take an extra day off and recover from this crazy weekend.

Tuesday: 04/16/2013

1. I had my third great run in a row.  Not sure what is happening, but it feels kinda awesome.

2.  I am grateful that I have the right to vote as I am very unimpressed with my provincial government right now.

3. I found some discipline to do my physio exercises.  I haven’t done them in so long and if I want to keep these good runs, I need to get back on the physio horse.

Wednesday: 04/17/2013

1. Participated in a Run for Boston at a Running Room affiliate. Yes…this is masking tape on my t-shirt because I am classy like that.

Winnipeg loves Boston!

Winnipeg loves Boston!

2. Got to see a friend I haven’t seen in a while and my cousin (both runners) at the Boston run, which made it an even better event.

3. Had a relaxing bath after my slightly frigid run–yay for lavender epsom salts.

Thursday: 04/18/2013

1. Lunch with my co-worker–we had the most amazing Brussels sprouts ever.  Yes.  You read that right, Brussels sprouts. They had cranberries, pistachios, garlic, olive oil and a soft cheese–not blue cheese, but it resembled blue cheese.  I would’ve eaten my weight in these tasty buggers. 😉

2. The war between my couch and cross fit was won by cross fit.  Am thankful for that.

3. My Aussie best friend gave birth to a healthy baby girl!  So wish I could meet my new niece in person right now.

Friday: 04/19/2013

1. I am grateful that those responsible for the Boston attacks will not do any further harm.

2. I am grateful to have old friends that you still connect with, no matter how long it has been since you last saw each other.

3. I am grateful for the fact that I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Saturday: 04/20/2013

1. I am super grateful that my Saturday night plans were cancelled–my new plan is to do nothing! YES!

2. I am super glad I picked up a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream.

3. I am super glad I didn’t eat the entire pint of ice cream while watching Django Unchained.