Morning y’all!

Today’s post topic is my favourite movie and what it is about.

ugh.  Really?  One favourite?  That is like asking me to pick a favourite song–which is impossible.

So I’m going to change-up this post a bit.  I’m going to put together a quick top 10 movie list and pop in the reasons why they are a love of mine….I mean, to me, that is most important over a synopsis of the movie, which can easily be found on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.  Oh and for the record, most movies on this list are selected due to quotability or simple sentimental value.

1. Jaws.  This is one of my dad’s favourite all-time movies.  We can both quote it and my dad, being the clever guy he is, even makes goofy songs out of the dialogue.  Plus it’s just really well acted–especially the seen where Quinn talks about delivering the Hiroshima Bomb.

2. So I Married an Axe Murder. This movie has a lot of emotion tied up in it.  My best friend J from childhood and I loved this Mike Meyers classic (we were also big fans of Mike Meyers’ other stuff from SNL, Waynes World and eventually Austin Powers until it became a parody of itself), my family loved this classic (even my crazy mother would quote it and laugh to tears), and this movie is also how I became friends with my dear Aussie bestie, D.  The soundtrack is great, the characters are amusing and if you can make it through the dad’s (played by Meyers) Colonel Sanders/Pentaverate speech without laughing, well, you are stone cold. lol.

3. Beavis and Butthead Do America.  This movie was a big one among my friends.  Beavis and Butthead didn’t come to Canada until a few seasons in, but when it did, my friends and I were big fans….and when the movie came out, it became something that we watched and quoted in regular rotation between spinning new alternative albums by our favourite artists.  To this day, my one high school friend C and I will pop random quotes into conversation or email, or even refer to the one day we watched it on my patio, outdoors, on a beautiful sunny day because my parents were getting hardwood floors installed.  And every time the wind picked up, we had to cover our drinks or risk having seeds blown in.

4. Moulin Rouge.  This is one of the few “romance” movies I like…but I solely think it’s because of Baz Luhrman’s greatness and ability to work in amazing pop music into the story in a creative way.  My love for Ewan McGregor and the fact he looked particularly handsome in the movie also helped.

5. Witness.  There are no sentimental reasons for liking this movie.  Harrison Ford is great in it…the Amish kid is cute…and well, the movie itself is just darn good.  Watch. It. Now. 🙂

6. The Dark Knight.  This movie really blew my mind and was the first comic book movie that I had ever watched that didn’t actually feel like a comic book movie. There’s also the amazing performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker.  I really can’t imagine that character any other way now.

7. The Muppet Movie.  This one takes me back to childhood, but it’s still something I actually enjoy as an adult as I find the adult humour in it now, but still enjoy the kids stuff.  This is def. a sentimental classic.

8. Pulp Fiction.  My first ever Quentin Tarantino experience.  The dialogue, the music, it was a feast for the eyes and ears.  I even made a special trip into a McDonalds on Les Champs Elysee in Paris just so I could get a picture of the menu saying Royale with Cheese (yes…I am THAT lame).

9. Snatch. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie.  It’s dark.  It’s funny.  It’s got Brad Pitt with his shirt off.  It also has hottie Jason Statham before he came super famous.  It’s release also coincided with my first trip to the British Isles…so I think that also helped increase my adoration.

10. In Bruges.  It has a number of great stars (Brendan Gleeson, Collin Farrell–whom I love as you know and Ralph Fiennes) and it is a film that will make you laugh and cry…which is rather impressive.  It also serves as a great tourism video for Bruges.

What are some of your favourite movies?  Any recommendations?  Let me know and why they are your favourites in the comments!