DISCLAIMER!  I thought I had posted this yesterday…but alas, I did not–so here it is on Saturday.  Enjoy! 🙂

Allo All!

I’m keeping my Friday Fab Five post very simple for the week.  Simply put, I’m just talking about stuff–namely five things that I am really loving right now.

1. No. More. Winter. Gear.  Or so I hope….I really do hope that this is the end of all the crappy and cold weather for Winnipeg.  With warm temperatures finally hitting today (high is in the double digits–which is like, high 50s-low 60s in Fahrenheit), I broke out bare legs and cute, summer only pumps!

2. A band called First Aid Kit, recommended by the lovely Mrs. H at The Hemborg Wife.  So loving this band right now!  Thanks Mrs. H!

3. Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer is probably my new favourite skin product out there.  It is a slightly tinted primer that makes your skin look so nice, you don’t even need any other foundation or powder.  When I pop this stuff on, I add a smidge of concealer to any unsightly spots and I am on my way.  Plus it makes your skin feel so smooth and not gross like most foundations.  The only negative of this product–the hefty price tag.  *sigh*

4. RunDisney is doing their best to steal my money.  In the last 6-8 weeks, they have announced a bunch of new races and challenges…and it breaks my heart and my bank.  So want to run them all!  Especially the new Glass Slipper Challenge.

Pretty nails

Pretty nails

5.  Mint Candy Apple nail polish by Essie.  Sadly I don’t have a picture of this perfect mint colour to share, but it is amazing.  I highly recommend snagging a bottle if you can because it is gorgeous!

What have you found this week that is super fabulous?  Let me know in the comments!

Much luv,