Hooray!  Week 17 didn’t start with a hangover! 🙂  Though, that also means I didn’t start off my week with a round of applause. lol.

Either way, there is much to be grateful for and lots of things that made me happy this week.

Sunday: 04/21/2013

1. Celebrated my big brother’s 38th birthday!  Woo!

2. Finally got around to doing some of my cleaning (though not all of it).

3. Managed to pull out a decent speed 5 mile run….I know! lol.

Monday: 04/22/2013

1. It wasn’t as lame as most Monday’s are.

2. I managed to turn one super annoying negative into a positive, which I am not the best at doing.

3. I was in bed shortly after 11:30.  Yay!

Tuesday: 04/23/2013

1. Had a chillaxed start to my day as I had a late start time– 10am (thanks to a late running work event).

2. Did not beat myself for not going to the gym this morning  like I had planned.

3. Got in a decent speed training workout this evening.

Wednesday: 04/24/2013

1. I started out my day with a trip to Parlour for delicious hipster coffee.

2. Had a lovely lunch with a friend (that I ended up wearing for the rest of the day..ugh).

3. Gave myself permission to indulge in a bit too much ice cream because, darn it, I just really wanted a good serving of ice cream.

Thursday: 04/25/2013IMG_1393[1]

1. I am having a surprisingly great hair day–which is making me feel drastically better about the two mysterious hives that have graced my face with their presence…ugh!

2. Did a slightly speedier four miles at a steady pace than I have done in a long time…perhaps my speed is coming back?

3. I was in bed by 11:15…though I am sad to report I didn’t actually fall asleep until almost 2am.

Friday: 04/26/2013

1. Leonard Cohen from third row, centre.  Need I say more?!

2. It’s going into the plus double digits today for temperature…so this will be the nicest, warmest day that Winnipeg has experience since probably September.  I wore a dress to work today to celebrate.

3. I managed to squeeze in a quick run before going to the show tonight. Woot!

Saturday: 04/27/2013

1. Brunch with my cousin, K.  Very excited to see her–esp. since I haven’t seen her since Christmas.

2. Treated myself to a facial. All that traveling, poor eating, poor sleep and stress from mid-February to mid-April really took a toll on my skin.  Time to get some of my prettyness back.

3. A Saturday night promised to no one but me.  SO can’t wait.  🙂  I think I might read a book. 🙂

What is making you happy this week?  Let me know in the comments!

Luv Leesah