Allo Lovelies!

Lots of things made me happy this week.  Here’s the list:

Sunday: 04/28/2013

1. Got to hang out with my adorable adopt-a-neice.  She is so much fun and walks like a drunken monkey.  LOVE her.

2. Managed to get up early and get in a workout–wasn’t a good one, but I got up early and did something nonetheless.

3. Enjoyed a buttery bowl of popcorn while I watched Mad Men.  I had totally forgotten how good popcorn is. 🙂

Monday: 04/29/2013

1.  Is surviving Monday something to be grateful for?  lol.  I thought so. 🙂

2.  Managed a somewhat high level of productivity today.

3.  Helped my dad file his taxes for the first time online (the government made it mandatory).

Tuesday: 04/30/2013



1. Parlour Coffee with my lovely friend CL.  Even better–I am auctioning off one of my key lime pies at her wedding social in a few weeks! 🙂  Can’t wait! P.S. If you want to know what a wedding social is, click here as it is the best link I could find.

2.  I finished my 30 Day Blogging Challenge!  WOOT!

3.  I received my first match from my matchmaker and we had our first chat.  Unfortunately, this guy isn’t quite right for me, but he didn’t seem like a deadbeat, which is a nice change from any of my online dating experiences.

Wednesday: 05/01/2013

1. Had an empty seat next to me on my flight to Calgary–WOOT!  Such a wonderful luxury!

2. No dramas once in Calgary–a major bonus given how many people we were dealing with for my meetings.

3. Found an excellent BBQ place for our group to meet and have dinner at.

Thursday: 05/02/2013

1. Got up early for a pre-work run with a friend of mine in Calgary–she was even nice enough to bring me some homemade lasagna she had made the night before so I could have dinner for breakfast.  So kind. 🙂

2. Dropped off my newlywed friend T’s surprise bachelorette party scrapbook before she and her hubby flew back home to Ottawa.  I’m pretty sure she liked it and it was lovely to see her once last time.

3.  Made twIMG_1424[1]o delicious key lime pies when I finally arrived home from the airport and my friend T’s parents’ place.  One for my dad, the other for my hairstylist’s birthday.

PINK! :)


Friday: 05/03/2013

1. Got to sleep in–yay for banked overtime.

2. I have mildly rebellious hair–one bright pink streak–woo!  Not sure why I look so pissed off in this photo–as I am totally excited for my hair. lol.

3. Had a delicious lunch with my colleague.  Yummy gnocchi and this….IMG_1433[1]

Saturday: 05/04/2013

1. Amazing dinner with my friend L.

2. Followed up with driveway beers with her neighbours, who are also my friends.

3. Slept in until 8:30–felt like heaven. 🙂

What things made you happy this week?

Luvs ya,