Allo All!

I know it has been a bit since I properly blogged.  I blame it on a whirlwind work trip to Calgary, participating in a half marathon relay and just generally being lazy.

Oh and I also had my first match sent to me from the matchmaker…but I will touch on that a bit later….oh and spoiler alert–my first time was a massive strike.

My work trip to Calgary, was stressful, but fun.  I managed to meet up with a colleague, who also ran the Princess Half Marathon (yes, I know I STILL haven’t done my race recap–maybe this weekend?), for an early morning, pre-eight-hour meeting run.  She also brought me homemade lasagna for breakfast!  How amazing, right? lol.

My flight home from Calgary was also a bit interesting.  I had an old woman sitting next to me who had really impeded speech (I’m thinking from a stroke, or possibly from MS as she sounds like a woman at the gym whom I chat with who has MS) and was just awkward.  She kept touching me inappropriately (once on the inside of my upper thigh while she was trying to lean over me to look out the window and the next an awkward boob touch when she wanted to ask me a question about the flight back to Winnipeg) and interrupting my reading or the TV shows I was watching.

Upon arrival home, I ran an errand (dropped off my friend T’s bachelorette party (actually, parties) scrapbook as she was back from her honeymoon and leaving for home in Ottawa the next day) and then baked up two fresh, key lime pies (one for my hair dresser as it was his birthday and one for my dad).

My weekend was relatively uneventful.  I hung out with friends on Friday night and Saturday night.  Sunday I ran in this half-marathon relay with a nice woman I met at the Winnipeg Firefighter and Paramedic Service half last October.  I struggled during the run, which served to depress me initially, but now it has sorta lit a fire under my arse.  I’m hoping that this means my running mojo will firmly re-establish itself in my life real soon.

And now, finally, I will get to my match. The process works like this…the matchmaker calls and says we have a match for you and reads you their profile and you decide whether you’d like to take the next step–which is a phone call.  I wasn’t overly enthused with the profile, but my excitement and nerves for this process wanted to try it out to see the caliber of guy and just generally have a test case where I could work off my nerves.

His name was Mark–a seemingly nice enough guy, but generally he was rather unre-Mark-able. LOL.  Truth be told, I’m not even sure why we “matched”–though I suspect it was the matchmaker’s way of testing the situation as he didn’t match the things that I said I wanted–rather it pushed the limits of what I said I wanted.  For instance, I’m undecided about kids (routinely go back and forth with the idea of having kids) and this guy was not interested at all.  He was 9 years older than me (I was comfortable with 5-7 years at most) and a big animal lover (potential issue for me as I have bad allergies to cats and dogs and it takes me awhile to build up my immunity to new pets).  He was also someone who generally had different ideas about things than me.  He thought theme parks were stupid (I had mentioned my recent trip to Disney), had a vastly different approach to traveling (only goes to “cheap,” close to home places like Vegas and Mexico).

We ended up speaking for about an hour on the phone.  It was an ok conversation but I felt that it was not going to work because of the things mentioned above as well as a few other things that came out in our conversation. Again, nice guy…just not the guy for me.  I’m hoping that my next match, when it comes, is more aligned with what I’m looking for in a potential mate.

Anyway, I have yammered on enough.  Thanks for listening and chat with y’all soon!