I will be 33 in 100 days.  When did 33 happen?!  Seriously…the last ten years feels like it went by in a flash.  Frightening.

As frightening as it is, however, I know that there is not one thing I would change….not the struggles, not the triumphs…NONE of it–and yes, this includes my frustrations with my career, my single status and my weight.

Last year, I attempted to do 32 Random Acts of Kindness around the time of my birthday…in fact, I even called it Project Birthday…but, I sorta fell off the blogging wagon and didn’t deliver on all 32 in the weeks around my birthday.  I think I made it a bit too big and realized any act of kindness counts, no matter of size, impact or cost.

This year, I plan to do one better.  For the next 100 days, I am going to report on my random acts…with the last one, on my birthday, being some self gratitude–I am going to bake a delicious cake for myself for my birthday.  Probably this one again (see below)–because it’s fun and delicious…but who knows–perhaps I will experiment.  Any ideas out there of things I could experiment with?

My birthday cake--made by me

My birthday cake–made by me

Gosh…it’s making my mouth water already. lol.

So…without further ado, today’s random act of kindness…only 99 more to go!

I am making sugar cookies decorated like lady bugs for my adopt a niece Rachy’s 1st birthday on Saturday.

And here is the obligatory proud auntie photo….

My the first t-shirt I ever bought her.

My niece…in the first t-shirt I ever bought her.

Much luv and happy hump day,