For whatever reason, I feel rather grown up today…and yes, I know I’m nearly 33 (only 99 days now..eek!), but sometimes I still feel like I’m a naïve 17 year-old.

I put my income tax refund into a savings bond type account so that I can’t and will not touch it…I know…I am shocked, too.  No shopping sprees for this girl!

I added a handful of spinach and a handful of kale to my processed pasta dinner thing last night because, well, I had to try to negate some of the badness of said processed dinner (I didn’t feel like cooking).

I didn’t flip out when I woke up this morning to find my body covered in an insane amount of mysterious hives…nor did I stay home from work.  Just popped some meds, applied a bit of extra make up and did my best not to scratch myself silly…though it’s getting a bit tough now..oy!

I only ate a cookie sized portion of cookie dough (not five) when I finished prepping all the sugar cookies.  It was overworked and wouldn’t make a tasty cookie, but as dough, it was still pretty amazing.

I was cursing one of my neighbours for deciding to play gangsta rap at an insane decibel while he “weight lifted” in the front yard (this is where I have the urge to shake an angry fist and make that weird old man noise that Craig Ferguson does on his talk show).  I use quotes around weight lifting because I could lift more than he was lifting when I was 10 years old. lol.

I wrote up and mailed a thank you card to someone who did me a solid not too long ago.

Nothing major mind you, but still leaving me feeling like a bit of a bad ass adult woman today.  What things do you do in a day that make you feel like a more adult version of yourself?  What things make you feel like you are a teenager?

Much luv,