Allo my lovelies and happy Friday to you all!

Also, happy long weekend to all my Canadian bloggy friends! Three cheers for Victoria Day!

As this is normally the weekend I, along with my charming cousin K, would be leaving to run the Fargo Half Marathon in Fargo, ND, followed by a road trip and shopping in Minneapolis, I am going to dedicate this Friday Fab Five to the reasons why you should run the Fargo, ND Half Marathon (or even the full, if you are feeling extra spicy).

1. The Bling. Fargo does a great job with medals. I have completed the race for all but two years (was forced off the course due to medical issues one year and the other I had a migraine so bad I couldn’t even sit upright without being physically ill) since 2007, when I ran my first half marathon of my life. I got a hold of that massive medal…and I was HOOKED on marathon running. I didn’t want to take that medal off for weeks…(don’t worry, I did…).

2. The Shwag. Fargo also does a great job in the shwag department. They have long sleeve v-neck tech shirts for the half marathoners and long sleep half zip tech shirts for the full marathoners. You also get a really high quality Adidas shoe bag. They never disappoint–those lovely Fargo organizers.

3. The cost. It’s CHEAP. Once noted in Runner’s World Magazine as one of the best “deals” in racing. Running the half, depending on when you register, ranges from $50-$75 and the full ranges from $70-$95.

4. The support. Everyone in the Fargo-Moorhead area seems to be out there cheering you on. When I ran my first (only) marathon in 2010 I actually got hugs from people on the sidelines as well as beads, a beer and other fun, festive support. It really does make a difference to have those shouts of encouragement when you are hitting that proverbial wall.

5. It’s on a Saturday. This probably wouldn’t matter much to most people, but it does to me. I LOVE that it is on a Saturday…it gives you all of Sunday to sleep and recover before you have to start your week–a total bonus in my opinion.

If this makes you want to run Fargo, be sure to book your hotel room in advance as they go quickly. Also, if you plan on driving your car to the race site on race day, pad in a lot of extra time–I didn’t last year and I had to race to get to the start.

Much luv and happy Friday!