So I am sorta feeling awesome right now…I am not going to lie. Thursday and Friday were pretty great days…and no it wasn’t solely because I didn’t work on Friday…though that did help.

On Thursday I worked through my lunch so I was able to leave an hour early…spent that hour raking my dad’s front lawn (act of kindness #99). After dinner, I decided to sacrifice my workout and help my dad finish the back yard as it is HUGE and is really a two person job. And no, don’t worry, this skipped gym visit won’t affect my 30 days of working out to get my denim jacket–I planned on going twice on Friday as I had the day off.


Then I worked on the next steps of my niece’s lady bug sugar cookies…holy hell–drawing circles free hand in icing is really flipping hard! See the progressions below…thankfully the end product looks pretty good despite my lack luster circle drawing abilities.


A close up of one of the final products….which I finally finished on Friday night.


After the cookies, I finished my second workout of the day (a surprisingly fast 4 miler–in 34 minutes…not sure where that came from but I will take it–especially in light of the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge being about 15 weeks away), I stretched, foam rolled, started my laundry and had a long overdue phone date via face time with my friend from Australia. It was wonderful to interact with her vs the phone…and not have the overseas lag times that have always been present in our phone calls. Even better, was that I got to meet this little beauty…my Australian niece, C.


Needless to say, I am a pretty proud auntie right now…I just wish I could have a few cuddles with my lil C.

Anyway, must pitter patter–the gym is bellowing (yes, I really want that denim jacket) and I need to get my camera and cookies for my niece R’s first birthday party this afternoon…so much stuff going down…I already can’t wait for a glass of red wine and a nap, post birthday party. lol

Much luv, congrats to all the Fargo Marathon and Half Marathon finishers and happy Saturday!