Hey there people!

Aside from a few hours of blah on Saturday night, this long weekend has been rather great. I blame Saturday on some insensitive people and playing the comparison game in my head. Fortunately it only lasted a few hours last night…Russell Brand and his odd sense of humour and a good night’s sleep help remove any residual bummed out vibes.

My random acts of kindness continues to go strong. On Friday (#98) I helped out this lovely woman from the gym who is in a wheelchair due to MS by holding a garbage can so she could be sick. Poor thing. I felt so bad for her as she had to wait over an hour to get a ride back to the home that she lives in. No cabs were willing to take her because she was sick and I wasn’t allowed to try to take her in my car (which is sad as it is on the ride home).

On Saturday (#97), I picked up last-minute items my friend needed for her daughter’s first birthday party…and I also picked her up a much-needed Starbucks hit. I also volunteered to be the party photographer so I did a bonus good deed. Oh and for the record, first birthdays are pretty fun events, especially when the kid being celebrated is gosh darn cute.

Oh and I almost forgot, my ladybug cookies were a HUGE hit, YAY! 🙂

That leaves us to today (#96). Today’s good deed was nothing fancy–I helped someone figure out how to use the treadmill while I was running, as they were struggling with getting it to work.

Maybe some of these good deeds are already paying off–my last two runs have been awesome. Friday’s was great, but today’s was even better–I ran 7 miles in 60:23. I haven’t run that fast in AGES. I’m so glad that it appears that my running legs have started to come back. Fingers crossed that this lovely running streak continues for at least a little bit.

Tomorrow I plan on getting the cleaning that I’ve been putting off all weekend…going to the gym, maybe a swim, and generally just enjoy a relaxed but productive day off.

Much luv and Happy Victoria Day!