Hello Lovelies!

If there is one thing I like about long weekends, especially those with the Monday off, it is that you have a short work week to look forward to after the long weekend. Only 32 more hours in my office until it is the freewheelin’ weekend again.

I didn’t do much yesterday aside from a coconut and jojoba oil deep conditioning masque on my hair (holy hell–two washes to get it out of my hair…but my hair is so soft now!), some cleaning and a brief workout (removed my bedroom version of a junk drawer, which was surprisingly hard…which motivated me to do a quick rip through my closet)…which leads me to my #95 for my 100 random acts of kindness…I am donating said closet items to a local women’s shelter. It’s mostly old work clothes/suits from when I was a lot heavier, but I had trouble parting with them, along side a few more casual items.

I also put aside some old Lululemon hair/head bands to give to my co-worker to try (she and her sisters are starting a new fitness thing and were complaining about hair being in their faces). The bands never worked for me (even the grippy ones) and simply kept escaping my head and not hold back my hair.

I’m not sure what today’s (#94) random act will be, but I have lots of time as it is only 8am local time.

Tonight I have no major plans. I’m going to see if my running legs are still going to co-operate and do a speed work/interval run. I might also start off at the local track and set myself some benchmarks for my fastest mile pace and, most importantly, finally get my Garmin calibrated for the GPS feature. lol. I’ve only had to wait about 5 months…darn never ending winter. I haven’t done a measure of my fastest mile in a really long time…eek. I’m equally scared and excited to see what ends up happening with my time….I know it will not be a sub 7 (I squeaked that out when i was in training for my first full marathon in 2010), but maybe around 8 minutes or if I am lucky, sub 8? Regardless, I will let you all know how it plays out.

What do you have going on during this random Tuesday?

Much luv,