So I just found out I inadvertently quit crossfit.  I went to sign up for a class tonight (at my friend’s insistence) and it turns out my membership had lapsed.

It might be fore the best–though I hate saying that as I did legitimately enjoy it.


It was too hard on my body and I think I pushed myself too hard as I am all about competition.  It left me injured for many weeks this past winter. Classes made me sore and miss out on my other workouts for several days afterward.  It impacted my training for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon.  Also, sadly, after taking all my time off with my knee injury, I have felt to self-conscious to go back.

Ironically, my running started sucking when I started crossfit last year around this time.

So I think it might be for the best that I bow out…at least for now.  My running goals mean more than crossfit Rxs right now.  Perhaps in the future I can try it again and see if I can find a nice balance with running and CF.

I may also try to work in some cross fit style workouts on my non-run days as those intense intervals are amazing.

So I am bidding farewell to crossfit for now.  Maybe in the future, I might find my way back into ye olde cf box.

Much luv,


P.S. If anyone has any tips at how to do cross fit and run without killing yourself, please let me know. 🙂