Oh how much do I love long weekends…especially when they make for a shorter work week ahead. I cannot believe that the year is half over…YIKES. Time flies so quickly as an adult, doesn’t it? Without further ado, here is the week that was…gratitude style…

Sunday: 05/19/2013

1. My running legs appear to be back with a vengeance. I ran 7 miles in 60:23. Say wha!? I can’t believe that after so many months of shitty, depressing and frustrating runs, that it seems like things are finally coming back.

2. I don’t have food poisoning….yet. For breakfast I decided to make my usual scrambled mess. It is essentially 2 eggs with my veggies (usually peppers, spinach/kale, sweet potato and mushrooms) and about a third of an avocado sprinkled on top. I cut a small section off the sweet potato for my breakfast and through the rest into the oven on a baking sheet to bake for future breakfasts (I just dice it up and scoop when I need it). Well, when I started dicing the baked potato, I came across some black spots…and upon further inspection, noticed it was MOLD! GAG! Granted, I have heard that if it is a hard vegetable, as long as you have cut around the moldy bits (which was the case for the small section I included in my breakfast this morning), you will be fine…but still..gag!

3. I am celebrating my running victory with a glass or red wine. Mostly because I opened the bottle a few days ago and it’s probably on it’s last drinkable day…but still…it’s a celebratory glass nonetheless.

Monday: 05/20/2013

1. I cleaned out my junk drawer in my bedroom. It took awhile, but I got rid of a majority of the stuff in it and now I have two drawers for workout gear instead of one incredibly overstuffed one.

2. I made a healthy version of my favourite rainy day comfort food, Liptons chicken noodle soup. I added 2 handfuls of chopped kale and about 5 or 6 ounces of cooked chicken. So yummy and made me feel way less guilty about eating one of my favourite processes foods.

3. I also did a mini culling of my closet. There are a few things in the back that I know I never wear. I have them in a bag and ready to donate to the Salvation Army/Women’s Shelter.

Tuesday: 05/21/2013

1. It is the beginning of a short week! Woo hoo!

2. Had another amazing run…3 in a row—woo hoo (yes, again)! This is probably the biggest thing that I will be grateful for all year—the seeming (don’t want to jinx it) return of my running legs.

3. I actually complained about something–a huge deal for me as I hate confrontation. At the gym tonight more than half the treadmills were marked out of order. I feel like I had a personal victory on that one.

Wednesday: 05/22/2013

1. A friend lent me a copy of the new and last book in the True Blood series.

2. My auction key lime pie turned out great.

3. I over cooked my key lime tartlet crusts and I didn’t get angry with myself, nor did I redo them. Take that situational perfectionism!

Thursday: 05/23/2013

1. I bought a graduation present for a friend. I’m glad to not only have this friend, but also, to have the means to buy her said treat.

2. I finally stopped being lazy and dropped off my clothing/shoe donations.

3. I had another great run. Yes this is a theme of this week’s Gratitude List, but I can’t help it–after a year of terrible runs, it’s amazing to have four in a row that are fun.

Friday: 05/24/2013

1. I had three bites (approximately 1/2) of key lime tartlette with my breakfast this morning. I don’t normally eat any sort of desserts for breakfast (aside from my birthday, when I allow myself to have birthday cake for breakfast–started when I was a kid). It was totally indulgent and made the beginning of my literally and figuratively sweeter.

2. Finally got to have my first patio lunch of the season. It was so nice to eat outside and not be eaten alive by insects or burnt to a crisp–truly the most perfect patio weather.

3. I did a cross fit inspired workout today at the gym–was nice to do it on my own and push myself in a way that I was challenged but in a way that would allow me to move tomorrow!

Saturday: 05/25/2013

1. I spent my morning puttering around the house, drinking coffee and listening to music. There aren’t many better ways to spend a rainy Saturday morning, in my opinion.

2. Made it through my friend’s social in fabulous, non broken in shoes, with only two small blisters.

3. My final pie looked awesome…though I forgot to take a photo…oh and my friend gave me the homemade cake pedestal she made to display the pies for the pie auction.

Much luv,