Allo Lovelies!

Today is the beginning of a long week of work…almost two weeks in fact, thanks to the fact that I have to be in Edmonton for the weekend. Plus, this week is just plain old busy, thanks to lots of personal commitments.  I honestly cannot wait til June 15th, when I will get to have a proper break.

My weekend was pretty stellar, though I was frozen for a good part of it.  I ran that 10K (which was sorta nightmarish, read my review here) and it was miserable outside.  Later that night I went to an end of school party for a friend of mine and was actually wearing a parka, hat and mittens next to the fire as there was a frost warning for the night.  Oh and I made these amazing cookies.

Sunday was rather chill.  I did laundry, cleaned, attempted to do my nails and failed twice.  I also did a low-key workout at the gym as the combination of the race and being cold and thus, tense, for the better part of two days, made me incredibly sore on Sunday.

Today I’m meeting up with a super old friend who I haven’t seen since I was about seven years old.  I’m sorta nervous because that is a LONG time, but I’m also a bit excited too.  Before I head out, though, I am sneaking to the gym to try to get in a speedy run.

Before I sign off on post, I am going to update you all on my random acts and good deeds for the weekend.

#84 (Friday) dropped my colleague off right at the building door so she could avoid getting wet after we went for coffee.

#83 (Saturday) paid for brunch with my adopt-a-mom/former work colleague

#82 (Sunday) did my dad’s laundry for him.

Much luv and happy Monday!