Here’s my list!

Sunday: 06/02/2013

1. I made it to the gym (despite being sore from yesterday’s 10K).

2. Mad Men is finally starting to get good.

3. For a change, I managed to finish my laundry in one day…this NEVER happens.

Monday: 06/03/2013

1. I took a day off from the gym as I really needed it–I felt depleted and there was no gym visit that would take that feeling away.

2. I had a super positive review at work and I’m being recommended for some fancy, expensive training that I’ve wanted to take for a number of years. 🙂

3. Ketchup chips. So very Canadian. So darn delicious. Even though they burn the skin off of parts of your mouth.

Tuesday: 06/04/2013

1. Double workout today and both were stellar. Woot!

2. I had an epic post work nap today and I still managed to fall asleep at bed time.

3. Saw my results from the 10K I ran on the weekend. I was in the top 25 percent of finishers in gender and overall, not bad, even though it was a small race.

Wednesday: 06/05/2013

1. New personal distance for swimming–68 laps, one lap over one whole mile of swimming!

2. I went to bed at 11pm. Made waking up on Thursday almost pleasant. Note I said almost. lol.

3. I got to hang out with a lovely friend during my swim. It’s nice when physical activities include friends.

Thursday: 06/06/2013

1. I remembered my lunch today (I forgot it on Tuesday and ended up being ravenous after my lunch workout).

2. Had a great lunch workout!

3. Listened to my body and simply did a short walk and stretching for my second workout of the day.

Friday: 06/07/2013

1. Woke up feeling strangely rested–this NEVER happens on a work day–score!

2. Banana pancakes for breakfast–since I’ll miss my scheduled weekend pancake indulgence while I am away.

3. Had a pretty awesome run, despite having some crazy DOMS from my lunch workouts.

Saturday: 06/08/2013

1. I saved up a little scratch for a fun J.Crew shopping appointment, which will include my new denim jacket! Squee!

2. Made it to Edmonton without drama. I always prefer drama free flights, especially when it is a work trip.

3. I got myself some lovely treats Chez J.Crew! Yay!

Happy days to you!