Woo-ha!  My 11 day work week is nearly over!  Huzzah!  Only a few short hours and a facility tour away from the start of 4 days of me time!

I have a cupcake baking day planned with my cousin tomorrow–I am teaching her how to do some basic piping and making of two different frostings.  Followed by a workout and a massive cleanup of all the junk I have in my living room that is sprawled out thanks to my recent Edmonton trip.  I may also drop by my grandma and grandpa’s house for a quick afternoon visit en route home from the cupcake extravaganza as I haven’t seen them for awhile.

Saturday…hmm…I have no major plans for Saturday aside from making myself a tasty banana pancake breakfast with coconut syrup that my dad’s buddy from the gym brings me back from his twice yearly trips to Hawaii.  I might also sneak in a quick hot yoga class, if only because my muscles feel rather tight.

Sunday…my dad hates doing anything for Father’s day, but I might make him his favourite breakfast–maple glazed bison sausage (from scratch) and eggs.  I also have to whip up some of my Irish Car Bomb cupcakes for the season opener of True Blood at my friend’s house.

Monday…I have no idea…but I’m definitely going to sleep in. 🙂  I cannot wait.

Oh and here is my update on my continuous list of good deeds I promised.  I cannot believe I’ve completed nearly a third of it already!

#79 (June 5) This was my planned coffee buy coffee for a stranger item,  but it didn’t happen. Helped a man in a motorized wheelchair get through the wheelchair door, which had a broken mechanism.  What was even more lovely is that he said THANK YOU!!!!

#78 (June 6) Cleaned the disgusting work microwave.  Amazingly, nobody noticed, which makes it all the grosser.

#77 (June 7) Picked up my dad’s library holds for him as they were about to expire.

#76 (June 8) Helped someone get their rather large carry-on into the overhead compartment.

#75 (June 9)  Helped out a deaf woman with the race instructions for the path and what turns to make based on the last-minute route changes.

#74 (June 10) Asked that my speaker’s gift be donated to one of the helpful volunteers or students who were working the conference I was at.

#73 (June 11) Let someone go ahead of me in line at the airport.

#72 (June 12) Cleaned someone’s machine at the gym as they “forgot” to do it themselves.  At least, I am choosing to believe that this sweaty dude forgot.

Happy Thursday!