2 weeks shy of the halfway point of 2013. Where the eff does the time go?!

Sunday: 06/09/2013

1. Survived an insanely hilly (maybe) 10K run in Edmonton. Who knew the prairies could have so many inclines?

2. I didn’t have to make myself breakfast after the run. Yay for being forced to eat out.

3. Mad Men keeps getting better–sorta makes up for the exceptionally slow start.

Monday: 06/10/2013

1. I wasn’t crazy sore after the 10K. I even ran 3 miles tonight.

2. My massage. I scheduled it because I had nothing to do that evening and I figured it would be a nice treat after the race. Sadly the masseuse wasn’t all that great, but she did give me a great tip for keeping my burgeoning plantar fasciitus (SP?) at bay and the massage bed was heated–which was incredibly soothing after being a popsicle at the day-long event I attended for work.

3. I fell asleep early and slept soundly through the night. It is a rare thing for me when I’m in hotels for work trips.

Tuesday: 06/11/2013

1. No massive drama on the flight coming home.

2. I was disciplined and unpacked all of my stuff when I got home from Edmonton…and I even went grocery shopping.

3. I had a delicious Five Guys burger for lupper before my flight. So flipping delicious–I really enjoyed that treat!

Wednesday: 06/12/2013

1. I weighed myself and learned that I actually LOST WEIGHT while traveling. This NEVER happens.

2. My first work day back went by mercifully quickly, though not without frustration up the wazoo.

3. I had a pretty amazing 3 mile run. For the record I only did 3 miles as my plantar fasciitis (again…sp? spell check keeps wanting to change it to fascist…lol) was acting up. I ran the distance in 24:35. Holy hell. I really am back.

Thursday: 06/13/2013

1. I am wearing my new threads and I feel flipping fantastic.

2. It’s my Friday…and the eve of a four day weekend.

3. I had a night off from the gym and it was actually energizing. Quite lovely.

Friday: 06/14/2013

1. Doing my cupcake demo was only slightly chaotic

2. 7 miles in 57:57. Holy crap my running really is back. Squee.

3. My day was mostly filled with me feeling in a lonely funk. I didn’t do what I would normally do–eat my feelings–and to me, this is a great victory and I feel really proud.

Saturday: 06/15/2013

1. Got up early to meet up with some old gym friends for a workout. Wasn’t much of a workout, but it was lovely to be outside and see everyone.

2. Made these surprisingly delicious paleo pancakes with blueberries and some coconut syrup my dad’s friend brings back for me on his twice yearly trips to Hawaii


3.The rest of my day is promised to no one. To me, this is a lovely way to spend a Saturday after a long week of work.

Much luv,