…I am still keeping track of my good deeds.  Here is what I have been up to over the last 10-plus days.

#71–June 13–I did some pre-work for the cupcake lesson to avoid being stressed during the lesson.

#70–June 14–cupcake lessons with my cousin.

#69–June 15–I dropped off some treats and brewed up some iced teas during a surprise visit to my grandparents.

#68–June 16–taught 5 people at True Blood how to make mojitos.

#67–June 17–made breakfast for my dad.

#66–June 18–treated my buddy Oliver to birthday Guinness floats and a birthday cupcake.

#65–June 19–bought my co-worker coffee.

#64–June 20–let an elderly woman ahead of me in the bathroom line at the concert I was at.

#63–June 21–held the door for eight people throughout the day-even got “thank yous” for each one (almost nobody in Winnipeg says “thank you” when you hold the door for them)!

#62–June 22–scheduled a last-minute, blood donation for a small group of friends before summer vacation kicks into gear.

#61–June 23–I took the high road and did the right thing in a particular circumstance I don’t feel like sharing publicly.  It was not necessarily the most random act, but it was a good thing to do so I think it counts.

#60–June 24–helped someone who called for reasons unrelated to my work (wrong number) find the appropriate person/organization.

Only two months worth of good deeds and random acts left.  Can’t wait to see what else happens! 🙂

Much Luv,