Squee worthy week ahead–I can totally feel it! 🙂

Sunday: 06/16/2013

1. True Blood Premier Party. SQUEE!

2. My cupcakes and mojitos that I made for the aforementioned party worked perfectly.

3. Snuck in a quick visit with my grandpa for father’s day and got this photo! LOVE! He was having such a good day, which made me really happy.


Monday: 06/17/2013

1. My last day of my four day weekend. Bittersweet, but I’m loving my low key day.

2. The plantar fasciitis that was starting on my foot appears to be going away, thanks to several days of intense ice, stretch and massage.

3. 3 miles in 23 minutes and change.  Gah! 🙂

Tuesday: 06/18/2013

1. I was a fitness rock star today– two workouts–one circuit training workout at lunch (which I ran to and from) and an evening hill workout with my buddy O.

2.  Guinness Floats.  Oh. Em. Gee. So. Flipping. Good.

Guinness Floats

Guinness Floats

3.   I seem to have trained my body to finally be more than ready for bed by 11:30 on week nights.  Next stop…11pm….or so I hope.

Wednesday: 06/19/2013

1. I can actually move today…I expected big time DOMS and only have a wee little bit from yesterday’s exertions.

2. I fit into a pair of white jeans that I haven’t worn since May 2012.

3. Managed a quick workout (rowing and stationary bike intervals) before heading out to see the great Bettye Lavette.

Thursday: 06/20/2013

1. Saw a great show by the Preservation Jazz Hall Band.

2. Worked out super hard at my lunch workout.  I didn’t think it was possible to be that sweaty.

3.  My dad treated me to dinner.

Friday: 06/21/2013

1. Gave my 8 miler a good try, but didn’t have my heart in it.  I’m grateful that I didn’t force it.

2. Had a nice patio lunch with my coworker.

3. It’s Friday.  It was a long week and even though my weekend ahead is stressful, it’s still the weekend. 😉

Saturday: 06/22/2013

1. I stayed to cheer on friends at a last minute blood donation “party” for lack of a better word.  Alas, my iron was way too low to donate, hence the cheering.

2. I went out dancing for the first time in a long time–and it was fantastic!  Such a great time!

3. I was able to slip on my size 28 jeans for the first time in about 3 years.  I almost cried.

Much luv,