Exactly halfway through the year and a few days after the longest day of the year…I hope that the weather cooperates so I, as well as other Winnipeggers, get to feel some semblance of summer as it’s been a long time coming thus far.

Sunday: 06/23/2013

1. Ran 8 miles in 69 minutes.  Hells to the yeah!

2. I took the high road and did something I didn’t really want to do.

3. My feet weren’t killing me from dancing all night from the night before.

Monday: 06/24/2013

1. Went to bed before 10:30.  This never happens…and though it still took me awhile to actually fall asleep, I feel better today (on Tuesday morning) for having done it.

2. Equally great and horrible junk run.  My hamstrings were super tight so I had to stop about midway through my three miles to stretch, but I had an average pace of 8:19/mile…not too shabby.

3. Zucchini noodles for dinner with some plain chicken.  I think I could have just eaten the noodles.  Might have to stop at the store on the way home from work tomorrow so I can eat some more of them.

Tuesday: 06/25/2013

1. Got in a double workout even though the couch was trying to seduce me.  High fives all around. 😉

2. Bought myself some of the new, instant Starbucks Refreshers and they definitely refresh me after my sweaty lunch time workouts.

3. I swallowed a bug running back from my fitness class and I didn’t freak out…well…not much.

Wednesday: 06/26/2013

1. Did a great speed work session.  YAY!

2. Ate some white pasta for the first time in a while–OM NOM!

3. The week is half over–though it feels like the longest half week, EVER.

Thursday: 06/27/2013

1. I finally get to wear this gorgeous pair of lilac suede pumps I bought from J. Crew some wintry months ago.  That is the sad thing about living in Winnipeg–can’t wear suede in the winter or it will surely be destroyed.

2. One day closer to the long weekend.  Like I said, this week feels long and I’m grateful for every passing day that brings me closer to the weekend.

3. I took a night off from the gym–so only a one-a-day workout this Thursday.  Felt so nice. 🙂

Friday: 06/28/2013

1. Delicious food and drink with a loverly old friend for her birthday.

2. My 5 mile tempo run timed in at (just) sub 40 minutes–fastest tempo run in 3 years!

3. It’s a gorgeous day outside.

Saturday: 06/29/2013

1. Flights are now booked for Los Angeles–9 weeks exactly til the Dumb Double Dare Challenge.

2. Spent the day with my darling niece.  I can’t believe how much she has changed in a month.

3. Sister brother night at the movies–we went to see World War Z and it was fantastic.

Much luv,