Allo Lovelies!

I’m back from a brief blogging hiatus.  Truth be told, I think almost everything was on a bit of a hiatus last week because I was just exhausted from my race training, the crazy heat wave that hovered over Winnipeg.

It’s cooled down a bit today and it looks like it is going to pour, so, ironically enough,  I feel somewhat human today.  I also think that going to bed at 10:30 thanks to a weather change related migraine also helped.

My training for the Dumbo Double Dare challenge is going incredibly well–this is the kind of training I wanted for the Princess.  My long runs have all gone off without a hitch–and my times have all been rather fast:

  • 8 miles on June 23–1:09:36
  • 9 miles on July 1–1:15:03
  • 10 miles on July 7–1:24:46

And my knees have felt fine and my plantar fasciitis, though not gone, isn’t being entirely awful either.  I think i just need to keep up with the ice and stretching and make sure to take it easy if anything starts to flare up.

Oh and one other fun tidbit–as part of a challenge from my lunch time fitness instructor, I’ve done 50 push ups everyday since July 1–so that means I’m at 400 push ups for the month (I haven’t done today’s yet).  I can already see the difference in the muscles in my arms and the push ups are getting easier.  I was breaking them down in groups of five and now I’m doing groups of 12.

So yay fitness, restorative blogging breaks and cooler summer weather.

Much luv,