Today’s Friday Fab Five is themed on Five fun things I’m going to do this weekend.

1. Sleep.  I didn’t sleep at all last night.  My body was sore from my lunch workout, including a flaring up of my plantar fasciitis and I just couldn’t relax—I had energy to burn. So tonight and tomorrow night, I’m making it a goal to get some high quality sleep.

2. Grand Beach Sun Run 10K Road Race.  I’m running a race on Sunday….at the beach….including the last mile being in the sand..eek.  I’m trying to think positive, that it will be a fun challenge…oh and I’m getting to go to a friend of a friend’s cabin for a pancake breakfast after the run—if that doesn’t motivate, what will?

3. Speaking of breakfast, tomorrow I’m making myself bacon and eggs—I haven’t had bacon in a while and I’ve been craving it bad!

4. Face time/Phone date with my dear friend D from Australia.  Looking forward to this chat and seeing how much my niece has grown since our first face time date when I got to meet the little ragamuffin.

5. Sunday night TV extravaganza.  It’s Sunday Night Squee—aka True Blood night with my friends, Dexter is on AND the Newsroom starts up.  Good times on the tube—what a perfect way to ice down my battered legs and generally chill out then watch three great tv shows.

What five things are you loving today?

Much luv,