At weeks 27 and 28 the year is heading into the homestretch–just over halfway there.  I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing.  So glad to have the blog to try to document some of the good stuff–and even the bad.  Below is my gratitude list for the 27th and 28th week of 2013….

Week 27

Sunday: 06/30/2013

1. Had a nice evening with friends that included True Blood and some ice-cold beers.

2. Learned that I haven’t lost all of my former gymnast skills–which made me feel sorta rock star-ish.

3. Spent the evening outside–sorry this evening gets put up there twice, but simply because it was so nice to be outside.

Monday: 07/01/2013

1. I was able to sleep in.

2. I was able to sleep more to try to get rid of the migraine I woke up with (perhaps being in the sun all day wasn’t as good of an idea as I had thought).

3. Getting in a run, despite feeling like crap thanks to my migraine and the necessary meds.

Tuesday: 07/02/2013

1. I wasn’t late for work this morning–totally thought I would be because I woke up exhausted.

2.  9 miles in just under 75 minutes. Whoa!

3.  Only slight plantar fasciitis pain, post run–yay for progress! 🙂

Wednesday: 07/03/2013

1. Swim with my friend A–LOVE it.  We did drills to shake things up and I feel wonderfully fatigued–as in I know I worked hard and I’m tired…and it feels great.

2. Signed up for two new 10Ks–both with friends and include a post race brunch with said friends.

3. It’s hump day–and it’s already been a painfully long feeling week.

Thursday: 07/04/2013

1. Did hill work tonight, despite the crazy heat.  I am giving myself a huge pat on the back for this–especially since I already did a lunch workout today.

2. I didn’t get mugged at the hill.  For whatever reason, the hill was devoid of any/all runners and had some sketchy people.  I thought I would definitely get mugged.  Fortunately, I didn’t.

3. It was super hot and I felt pretty crappy during my lunch workout, so I just did what I could instead of pushing through and making myself potentially ill.

Friday: 07/05/2013

1. Lovely lunch out with one of my besties.  Had fish tacos–so worth the indulgence.

2. Took the night off from the gym and made a successful batch of macarons.  Apparently the secret for them to turn out for me is not to try. lol.

3.  Walking Dead Marathon.  Squee.  Maybe that is helping the macarons, too.

Saturday: 07/06/2013

1. Delicious dinner with my friend L–even though we ate crazy late and it affected my sleep that night–SO worth it.

2. Got to see my old friend S for the first time in about 7 months.  Was nice to catch up.

3.  Mid-day nap.  The best thing about weekends.

Week 28:

Sunday: 07/07/2013

1. 10 miles.  Despite exhaustion on many levels–I think I survived it because of the Walking Dead Marathon on AMC.

2. Sunday night squee–aka True Blood night.  Tonight’s episode featured both topless Eric and Alcide–it’s a good night when that happens.

3. I was in bed by 10:30–this NEVER happens–especially since Dexter was on.

Monday: 07/08/13

1. I was in bed, again, by 10:30.  Look at me go!

2.  Caught up on Dexter, which I slept through last night.

3. Also caught up on American Best Baker, or whatever it is called.  The show is equally good and bad…and I can’t stop watching.

Tuesday: 07/09/13

1. Booked my hotel for Disneyland Race weekend.

2. Did some hard-core speed work this evening and felt great.

3. Three nights in a row, in bed by 10:30.  I’m on fire.

Wednesday: 07/10/13

1. Took a night off from fitness.  Was fantastic.

2.  Experienced a boring concert–makes me appreciate a good one even more.

3.  Left said boring show and enjoyed a chilled night, allowing another early bed time. 🙂  Clearly I’m all about early bed times now.

Thursday: 07/11/13

1. Ran a 7 minute mile at my lunchtime fitness class. So close to a sub 7…my fitness is totally back.

2. Had a lovely second workout with a friend, which served as extra encouragement to get her to stick to running.

3.  My slightly new compression socks.  They really seem to help.

Friday: 07/12/13

1. Embraced my exhaustion and stopped my run after my usual 15 minute minimum as it just wasn’t happening.

2. Facetime date with my dear friend in Australia…and her gorgeous daughter and hilarious husband.

3. It’s Friday–that is more than enough reason to have some gratitude.

Saturday: 07/13/13

1. Woke up much earlier than I had planned and ended up running all my necessary errands by 11:30am.

2. Made super delicious white chocolate blueberry whole wheat scones for the beach tomorrow as a post race snack.

3. Ate a rather delicious salad for dinner that I threw together based on random stuff in my fridge.  I have never been one of those “just throw it together” cooks….so the fact that this turned out makes me pretty thrilled.

Hope you all had happy weeks, too!

Much Luv,