So it’s April 1 and I think my camera is playing some nasty April Fool’s Jokes on me.

Despite the fact that I am down more than a few pounds from my last Losing It update on March 1, the pics don’t show it.  I am thinking my camera is just being meant to me.  And now pics won’t load.  Oy!  I will have to upload the disappointing images til tomorrow–April Fools strikes again, perhaps? are the stats:

Last Weigh in 167.6

Current Weight: 163.4

Weight Loss Since February: 9.6lbs! Yay!

Chest: 37 1/4″ (-3/4″)

Waist: 31″ (-1/4″)

Belly: 35″ (no change…*($#*$&#*!!!!!)

Hips: 37 1/2″ (-1/2″)

Thighs: 22 1/2″ (no change)

NOTE: am no longer measuring my calves as I don’t think anything is going to change.

Total loss for March in inches: 1.5″.  Better than a gain. 🙂


Anyway, despite not showing a lot of physical changes in the photos, I know things are going well–I now fit in to my favourite dress, which I haven’t worn since I was in Australia in January 2011…again, a pic will have to show up later.


Much Luv everyone,