Happy March 1 Everyone!

I am updating my stats a bit early as I missed the last measurement in February due to me being in Vegas.  I figured that this would be a nice middle point and it coincides with the beginning of the month.

Here are my Stats:

Weight: 168.2 (down 5.4 since the beginning of February)

Chest:  38″ (down 1 inch)

Waist: 31 1/4″ (down 1 inch)

Belly: 35″ (down 2 inches)

Hips: 38″ (down 1 1/2″ inches)

Calves: 15″ (no change)

Thighs: 22 1/2″ (down 1 inch)

Biceps: 11″ (no change)

Beginning of February


Beginning of March


Beginning of February

Beginning of March


So yeah…def. some differences in the last month.  From the front, there is much less belly roll at the waistband of my running tights.  Also, the tank top doesn’t look as tight/sheer as in February.  From the side, it is really dramatic.  My belly definitely doesn’t stick out as much and my chest has shrunk.  I would also argue that my butt looks a tiny bit smaller.

I think I deserve a bit of a high five as clearly I have made progress–though, like anyone on the wild ride that is losing weight, well, it would’ve been nice to have a bit more…or to not have weighed in and done this after my trip to Vegas.  haha!


Luv Leesah

P.S. Here are the results from the last few weeks (i have been a bit bad at reporting)

March 11: Can’t remember–probably around 168 or so.
March 18: no weigh in to save me from losing my mind
March 25: 167.6