Allo Lovelies,

So I have sorta been negligent on this blog. Since starting my running blog with my running sister from a different mister, combined with training for my upcoming race, The Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, my personal blog has kinda fallen off the radar.

I’ve still been checking in with my gratitude challenge, and attempting to keep things going with my daily random act of kindness (which I mistakenly kept track of on a piece of paper, which is now in some random recycling depot…sigh),  but I haven’t been checking in all that regularly with all the other junk–fitness, life, emotional, cooking, etc.

I hate to say it, but a lot of things have gone so well of late.  My running is back with a vengeance, which I am enjoying (though I’m slightly sidelined right now with a horrid seized calf muscle), I’ve lost 10lbs, won my age division in a recent 10K race, successfully made some macarons, got to finally take part in a colour run and even survived a few wedding related events without tears or feeling like crap about myself.

This weekend, however, for the first time in weeks, I felt the twinges of being a singleton…and it bugged me that I felt those twinges because it has been such a long time since they made their presence felt.

What set me off–so dumb–was seeing everyone’s photos from the recent Colour Me Rad/Colour Run in Winnipeg.  Everyone I saw at the race or simply saw their pictures, ran with their partners, their children or both.  They had lots of photos of each other in playful poses, covered in rainbow cornstarch.

I, however, ran by myself.  I had to get a random woman in a parking lot to take a pic to document my powdery pose.

Seeing all these photos over the two days of runs (Saturday and Sunday), just left me feeling a bit sad, thinking about the life I thought I would be living at the age of nearly 33 instead of the one that I now inhabit.  Comparison really is the thief of joy.

Instead of beating myself up, crying, eating and sulking, I just embraced it…and I stopped checking Facebook.  I let myself feel a bit sad and a bit lonely for a while but then I moved on.  I created a mental list of amazing things and people in my life right now and all the things I wouldn’t have done if I had a husband and kids.

Most importantly, I stopped my mind from creating these worst case scenarios for myself… like because I am almost 33 my chances of finding love are impossible and I’m too old to have children, should I decide I want one with this impossible to find partner and that life is essentially over…because, it isn’t.

I woke up this morning feeling like myself again. I feel happy and I am enjoying her life whether there is a man and children in it or not.

Friday night fun

Friday night fun

Much Love,




Happy Friday ya’ll!

I’m changing things up for my Friday post.  For the next few weeks I am going to try to keep Friday’s post dedicated to putting an effort into pushing my boundaries with my clothes, while keeping it work friendly.

Today I mixed two patterned pieces…thoughts?  Do I dare work this again or is it too much?  How could it be saved?

Worst facial expression for a selfie ever!

Worst facial expression for a selfie ever!

Loves ya!