So the date is October 24, 2012….120 days until my tenth half marathon…which I will be running in Disney World in February. Well…actually, it is the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, which, I would argue, ups the ante a bit. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a princess and get a PR!? Oh and to add extra incentive, this will be e first race that my dad will be watching me run! Another reason to perform strong and essentially be a PR Princess–see I am simply trying to be clever!

Over the next 120 days, I planing documenting the plan I am following…which at times I will be sorta making up on my own, tracking the highs and the lows and the changes in my fitness and strength. I plan on incorporating a LOT of speed work, my twice weekly cross fit classes as well as a few Ross training opportunities like spinning, hot yoga or swimming. My workouts will be tracked monthly. This last week of October will be included with November’s page.

So please stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the journey as much I as I do.

Much luv,


P.S. I have some “starter photos” to share below. The race photo was taken on October 20. The other two sweaty photos were taken on Halloween. All the lumps and bumps are present for the world to see. Lol! Let’s hope I will soon have some new pics to share that aren’t as lumpy! šŸ™‚