I guess it is finally time to update this as it’s almost my blog-oversary.  Yikes!  Where did the 10.5 months go?

So about me….

I’m in my 30s and only now begun the process of really trying to make my life my own.  In my twenties I was too busy doing what would make everyone else happy but myself–getting degrees, working, etc.  After grad school and finding work, I focused on losing weight.   I figured that once all of that stuff got out-of-the-way, everything else would fall into place and I could officially start my happy life…and well….life had news for me as that totally didn’t happen.

When those things didn’t happen, things got a bit out of control with overspending (not into debt, but not saving money like I could have), working out, bulimia, binge eating, self-hatred, loss of purpose and finally, it all culminated into a depressed period in 2011.

Through counseling I managed to shake off the darkest parts, but I still had doubts about my life, my self, my purpose.  That’s when I started 30andlearning!  I needed to help re-build and give myself purpose and goals–hence the learning list.  From there this has evolved into a bit of everything–photography, shopping, self discovery, fear fighting, fitness, health, food and I love that it’s messy–just like me.  And, in the end, I hope that this blog will help me discover who this “me” is and what I’m about as I have only scratched the surface and there is much more to see, do, experience and become.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations please leave a comment on the blog or you can email me directly at 30andlearing AT gmail DOT com.