1. Visit Asia (priority on Japan, Thailand, China, Fiji)
  2. Visit Europe again (priority on Scotland, Scandinavian countries, Czech Republic, France, England, Spain)
  3. Visit the east and west coasts of Canada
  4. See the rest of Australia (Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, North Coast, West Coast, Adelaide)
  5. Go on Safari in Africa and visit Zanzibar only because I love the name
  6. Go to South America (Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Peru) and check out the rain forest
  7. Go to New York City and spend more than 16 waking hours there
  8. Go to Churchill, MB to see the Polar Bears before they are gone
  9. Go to the following sporting events (European soccer, the Olympics, playoff baseball, playoff American Football).
  10. Go to the Galapagos and see the lovely animals.