Hello all!

As promised, here is my daily report of my workouts:

October 24:

  • 3 miles speed work (.25 at 6.7, .25 at alternating 7.3 or 7.5)
  • Tabata run afterwards. 1 round of Tabata at 10 mph, 1 round at 9.7 mph, 2 rounds at 9.5.
  • 15 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 30 mins of post workout stretching and foam rolling.
  • ABS: 10 hollow rocks, 2 x 30 seconds planks, 2×10 reps side planks, rope climb for 20 each side

October 25:

  • Cross fit warm up: 300m row, 10 laps around the gym, 3 rounds at 1 minute per round of rowing/jumping lunges/agility ladder lateral jumps (SO FLIPPING HARD)
  • Jerk introductions and skill building with a PVC pipe (essentially getting form and movement down)
  • 3 sets of max reps of handstand push ups (HSPU) progressions (i did 6 reps–first try ever of a proper HSPU, but with a 45 lb plate and ab mat under my head)
  • 3 sets of max reps ring dips (assisted) (max was 3–so hard!)and kettlebell…or is it kettle ball (KB) press (I used 25 lbs, maxed out at 6 reps for each set)
  • 3 sets of max ring rows–I did 8 for each set and kept getting closer to horizontal each time.
  • 30 minutes of stretching and foam rolling

October 26:

  • Run 15 minutes 6.7 and .5% incline. Have to satisfy my 15 minute minimum run rule. If I really don’t feel like it, I try for 15 minutes. If I still feel miserable, I move to another activity–which is what I did.
  • 25 minutes on the stationary bike at level 11.
  • Clearly wasn’t into it and felt quite sore from cross fit last night. Hope I feel better tomorrow, if not Sunday! 🙂

October 27:

  • Crossfit warm up: agility ladder work. Both cardio moves as well as some plank/ab work with the ladders.
  • Crossfit wod: 5 rounds of 10 dead lifts and pull ups. Deadlift weight was 70 lbs. Used a thick purple band for the pull ups and was dying throughout the whole thing.

October 28:

  • 45 minute speed walk outside in the frozen tundra. Lol.
  • Ab work–mix of side plans, hollow rocks, and the front plank where you start on your elbows, move up to a push up position, then down to your elbows.

October 29:

  • 6 mile run at the gym. 6.7 pace (finished in 54 minutes), no incline simply because I forgot.
  • crossfit warmup: 500m row, 3 rounds of 10 air squats, ring rows and toe touches.
  • crossfit wod: 5-5-5 front squats at a high weight (50lbs + the 15kg bar); 20 double unders (skipping with the rope going under you twice); 50 kb swings (25 lbs…a bit light); 50 pull ups (assisted..omg!); 20 double unders.
  • super quick stretch and foam roll–I had nothing left, but atleast I got a bit of “rehab” in.

October 30: rest day

October 31: (hotel gym)

  • 4 miles of speed work. 0.5% incline and my paces laddered up as follows: 6.7, 7,7.3, 7
  • Tabata run at a speed of 9.5

November 1: (hotel gym)

  • 6 miles in total at a 6.7 pace, 0.5% incline. This six miles was divided up over two workouts. 2 miles in the morning (gym was especially hot so I had to quit early). Then I did the remaining four miles after I got back from the networking event I was presenting at.

November 2: rest day-legs too tight from lack of rehab-darn hotels and their lack of foam rollers

November 3:

  • crazy cross fit workout called the Dirty 30!?!? Thought I was going to die!
  • rehab of stretch and rolling–very painful

November 4:

  • 3 mile run and then a 60 minute walk after dinner. Very, very sore today…but a satisfying sore.
  • rehab. Love (and hate) my foam roller!

November 5: Rest Day (DOMS)

November 6:

  • 4 mile speed work run.  Alternating .25 mile speeds of 6.7 mph and 7.1mph, 0.5% incline.  One break between miles 3 and four–.25 mile walk.
  • cross fit warmup: a few sprints, running and rowing, tabata handstands and planks, a few air squats and burpees.
  • cross fit WOD: jerk instruction-bar only; 5-5-5 jerks with manageable weight (worked up to 15 lbs); and AMRAP in 10 minutes of 5 clean deadlifts, 10 shoulders to overhead and 20 lateral jumps over a barbell.  I did 4 rounds with 10 lbs of weight on a 15kg bar and then did 5.5 rounds without weight on the bar.

November 7: