1. Run each Disney Race (and hopefully the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge) (Princess Half Marathon 2013-2:17:34 time)
  2. Run a sub 1:50 and a sub 1:45 half marathon (current PR is 1:55:47)
  3. Run another marathon
  4. Run in NYC
  5. Run a sub 4 hour marathon (my current time is 4:25:10)
  6. Place in a 10K (July 14, 2013-Grand Beach Sun Run–2nd in my age division–est. time, 53 minutes, also a PR).
  7. Do a “fun” race like the krispy kreme run, zombie run, warrior dash or the colour 5K (Registered for the Winnipeg Colour Run in July 2013)
  8. Run in Australia
  9. Run in Europe
  10. Place in a 5K